Balcony1 Team Serving Lake Balboa and Van Nuys Area to Comply with SB326 and California Civil Code Section 5551 Elevated Exterior Element Inspection Requirement

Based in Los Angeles County, Balcony1 is a company dedicated to providing professional services for clients who are looking to comply with SB326 and California Civil Code Section 5551 Elevated Exterior Element inspection requirement. Our team of experienced professionals have the expertise needed to inspect balconies, walkways, decks, and other exterior elements on condominiums. 

Recently, Balcony1 was hired by a client in the city of Lake Balboa to inspect their property for compliance with senate bill SB326. We performed a comprehensive inspection of the balcony, walkway and deck elements on the property and discovered several defects that needed to be addressed. We worked quickly and efficiently to repair the issues found during our initial inspection. We also provided advice on how best to maintain the property moving forward in order to ensure compliance with state requirements. 

Balcony1 has years of experience in helping clients comply with SB326 and California Civil Code section 5551 requirements. Our team is well versed in all aspects of exterior elevation maintenance, from initial inspections to repairs, replacements, load testing, maintenance plans, and more. We understand that each property presents its own unique set of challenges and we strive to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of each individual client. 

In addition to our expertise in helping clients meet state code requirements, Balcony1 also provides additional services such as waterproofing, weatherproofing, painting, staining or sealing decks or balconies, repairing or replacing railings or guardrails, performing seismic retrofits or structural repairs as needed. These services are designed to increase the life span of your exterior elements while ensuring that they remain compliant with state codes. 

At Balcony1, we take pride in providing professional services that help our clients stay up-to-date on their compliance requirements while keeping their properties safe for both themselves and those around them. If you need assistance meeting SB326 or California Civil Code section 5551 requirements for your property near Lake Balboa or Van Nuys area then please don’t hesitate to reach out at +1 323-255-2669.

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