Expert Exterior Elevated Elements Inspection by Balcony1 in Duarte, CA – Your Solution to SB326 and SB721 Compliance!

As a leading construction and design company in Los Angeles County, Balcony1 has been providing unparalleled service to our clients for over 20 years. With hundreds of completed projects within our various divisions for multifamily properties, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results while ensuring strict compliance with regulations such as California’s SB326 and SB721. In this success story, we’ll share how our innovative approach to exterior elevated elements inspections using ladders greatly improved the experience for both property owners and tenants at a multi-family property located in Duarte, California.

A Multifamily Property in Need of Compliance

Today we are doing a project in Duarte, CA, there is a beautiful multifamily property that required an exterior elevated elements inspection to comply with California’s Senate Bill (SB326). This bill mandates regular inspections of balconies, decks, and other exterior elevated elements on multifamily properties to ensure their safety and structural integrity. One of the HOA representative reached out to us at Balcony1 for assistance as they were aware of our expertise in conducting these inspections efficiently and effectively. They knew that our highly skilled team could handle the task while minimizing any disruption to their tenants’ daily lives.

Innovative Inspection Methods for Optimal Results

Our team at Balcony1 is always looking for ways to improve our inspection methods and provide the best possible service to our clients. For this project, we utilized cutting-edge technology such as infrared thermal imagers, industrial endoscope cameras, and borescopes to thoroughly inspect the property’s exterior elevated elements. Instead of using traditional scaffolding or heavy equipment that can be disruptive to tenants and property owners alike, we opted for a more innovative approach – ladder-based inspections. This method allowed us to access all necessary areas of the property quickly and efficiently while minimizing any disturbance to the residents.

Visual Inspections Reveal No Damage

  • Element Type: Deck, Exterior elevated element
  • Inspection Outcome: Visual inspection shows no damage
  • Technology Used: Infrared Thermal Imager, Industrial Endoscope Camera, Borescope
  • Inspection Method: Visual inspections

Our expert inspectors conducted thorough visual inspections of the property’s exterior elevated elements, including decks and balconies. We were pleased to report that our comprehensive evaluation revealed no signs of damage or structural issues. This was welcome news for our clients, as it meant they could confidently ensure the safety of their tenants while staying compliant with SB326 regulations.

Seamless Communication and Minimal Disruption

Throughout the inspection process, our team at Balcony1 maintained open lines of communication with both the property manager and tenants. We made sure everyone was aware of our presence and provided regular updates on our progress. Our ladder-based inspection method allowed us to work quickly and quietly, minimizing any disruption to the daily lives of those living on the property. The Client was extremely satisfied with our professional conduct and efficient approach. They appreciated how our innovative inspection techniques, combined with our exceptional customer service, made the entire experience virtually stress-free for all parties involved.

Balcony1: Your Trusted Partner for SB326 and SB721 Compliance

At Balcony1, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and structural integrity of exterior elevated elements on multifamily properties. Our commitment to excellence in construction and design, coupled with our innovative inspection methods, makes us the go-to choice for property owners and HOAs in Los Angeles County seeking compliance with SB326 and SB721 regulations. If you’re a property owner or an HOA in need of an expert exterior elevated elements inspection in Duarte, CA or the surrounding areas, look no further than Balcony1. With our experience and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we have the skills and expertise to help you maintain a safe and compliant property. Call us today at +1 323-255-2669 to schedule your inspection!

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