Elevated Exterior Element in Diamond Bar, CA: A Preliminary Walkthrough of Balcony1 to Comply with SB326

Homeowners and Board Members of properties in Diamond Bar, CA can now maximize the value of their homes with professional home inspections from Balcony, highly qualified professionals for any EEE inspection and repairs to comply with SB326 or SB721 in the Southern California area. Our inspection services offer an extensive two-step process to ensure your property is safe and up to code. We also provide a detailed report upon completion for added assurance.

Our Two Step Inspection Process

ONE: the first step-we perform a "visual" observation on 100% of the elements listed in the proposal using infrared technology to detect any temperature changes, moisture meters, inspection of the waterproofing system and railings. The licensed professional reviews and observes all of the findings and proposes either having a more in depth borehole inspection in case of signs of structural and water damage.

TWO: The second step is where we drill 2 1/8'' boreholes at the bottom part of the element and run an endoscopic imaging camera to observe the framing for those elements that are detected on step-one needing more investigation. Those holes are sealed with fire rated vents and can be reused in the next inspection in 9 years.

SB326 Compliant Reports

Once we have completed our inspection, Balcony1 provides a Detailed Report outlining any areas needing repair or further attention. Our reports are SB326 compliant and include photos of any problem areas along with suggested repairs or replacements to help you stay on top of maintenance issues before they become more expensive problems down the road. Even if no repairs are needed, you will still receive a comprehensive summary about the overall condition of your property for added peace of mind.

If you are looking for highly qualified professionals for EEE inspections and repairs in compliance with SB326 or SB721 in the Southern California area, Balcony1 is the perfect choice for you.

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