Balcony1 Completes Balcony Repair in Hollywood, CA

Recently, our team at Balcony1 completed a balcony repair for a customer in Hollywood, CA. The customer, Talia Lavi, had contacted us after seeing our ad in a magazine. She was in need of our services because her balcony was in dire need of repair and she wanted to make sure it was done correctly.

We went to the address that Talia had provided us and assessed the damage. The balcony was in bad shape and needed to be repaired as soon as possible. We explained to Talia what needed to be done in order to fix the balcony and she agreed to let us do the work.

We started the repairs the next day. The first thing we did was to remove all of the old, damaged wood. We then replaced it with new wood and made sure that everything was properly secured. We also repaired the railing and made sure that it was safe for use.

The entire project took less than a week to complete and Talia was very happy with the results. She was glad that she had chosen us to do the work and was very satisfied with our service.

Los Angeles
Category Construction Company
Services Exterior Elevated Element Repairs